A crisis situation can make or break an organisation. However, operating carefully and efficiently can keep the damage to your reputation to a minimum.

How do you achieve adequate and timely communication? To achieve a positive outcome of any crisis, it’s essential to keep a grip on the internal communication as well as the external communication with press and media. What are the best ways to go about this, and what strategy works best for what crisis situation? What are the requirements for a crisis communications team? Which messages are shared and which shouldn’t be send out? What is the right tone of voice?

This training will provide insights into various kinds of crises and the key aspects of picking a media strategy. You’ll get insights into the composition of a crisis communications team, developing your own crisis communications plan, and what means you have at your disposal. In the exchange with press and media you’ll be able to make a conscious choice for a certain tone of voice and the message you’re sending out.

During this practical and intensive training your new insights will be put to the test immediately, using various real-world case studies. There’s room for participants to discuss their own experiences with tough situations. There will also be some role play and practice sessions in front of the camera.



•Crisis preparation

•Putting together a crisis communications team

•Contents and make up of a crisis communications plan

•Determining key messages

•Determining media strategy

•How does social media influence certain crises?

•Practicing interviews


Duration of training: 2 days

Cost of training: €1640,-


Mail for more information to Character Training: training@charactermedia.nl