Study Track: Media in your own Hands

Study Track: Media in your own Hands

Just a short while ago, film making was considered a complicated and costly enterprise. These days, after only a short intensive training, everyone is able to create professional video content using just a smartphone.

The world of media surrounding us is changing fast. According to Google and Facebook, 80% of their online content will consist of video. Government, corporate world and other institutions will have to get on board with this trend to maintain a connection to their following. But how do you achieve this? Constantly hiring outside expertise is expensive and time-consuming. It’s high time your organisation acquires the know-how to make your own professional videos. This way, you will be able to give your organisation, product or project the tools to stay visible for the foreseeable future.

With this goal in mind, Character Training has put together a three-day study track which will train participants to make short professional videos with ease and efficiency. These movies will be very suitable for both social media, website, in- and external communication purposes.

The following topics are part of the study track Media in your own Hands:

•Online video: from idea to script


•Shooting professional images

•Montage-oriented filming / Visual stories

•Interview settings

•Directing a video


•Saving your final product

•Placing video content on social media

Duration of course: 3 days

Cost of training: €1495,-

Our trainers are seasoned TV-professionals who produce professional video content on a daily basis.

Mail for more information to Character Training: info@character-training.nl