Negotiations Training

Negotiations Training

Negotiation is a teachable skill. It’s a challenging game if you know the rules and the game is played well.

In our professional lives we are constantly faced with negotiations. We negotiate with colleagues, clients, customers and the government. How do you reach the desired results from these exchanges?

During this training you will learn how to prepare and execute negotiation talks in a professional manner. You will gain insight in bargaining techniques and learn how to use them best. You will also attain the means to add structure to these talks and keep control of the situation. At the end of this training you will know how to achieve your goals, and will have gained awareness of your strong and weak points in negotiation situations.

This training is meant for anyone who wants to learn how to negotiate financial or content matters in either/both a private and/or professional environment.

Trainer David Davidson has a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills. He has the ability to navigate processes successfully and transmit key messages. He will train you to do the same. In this training, he will share his own experiences as a strategic interlocuter in crisis situations and mergers in the corporate world. As trainer and coach he has provided guidance to several broadcast networks and some of the biggest players in the for-profit and non-profit sector.

Duration of training: 2 days (one day course available)

Cost: € 1190

Mail for more information to Character Training: training@charactermedia.nl