Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Course members may want to keep on growing as professional filmmakers after their training is finished. To those eager to keep firing their questions at us, we offer the possibility of Online Coaching. This service gives you continued access to the expertise of our trainers. The following services will be accessible to clients subscribing to Character Training’s Online Coaching platform:

1) Film assessment. We watch and analyse your work, and provide you with useful feedback which allows you to grow in the process of making professional films.

2) Script assessment. Are you in the process of producing a film and unsure of the quality or attainability of your script? We’re happy to think along with you and provide you with suggestions for a better end result.

3) Technical aid and advice. Every filmmaker has to deal with faulty or hard-to-handle equipment from time to time. We’ll do our best to supply you with hands-on tips and tricks to help you along.

4) Follow-up Day. Peer assessment and support is one of the most valuable learning experiences for a budding filmmaker. Meanwhile, watching other people’s work might inspire your next big idea. At the bi-annual follow-up day you get the opportunity to meet other filmmakers and acquire new skills.

Cost of subscription Online Coaching:

3 months: €390,-

1 year: €650,-

2 years: €950,-

Method of operation:

Subscribers can submit their questions and/or wishes. Our response will follow asap, within a maximum of three days.